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Thread: Odd proof marks for 1934 Mauser

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    Default Odd proof marks for 1934 Mauser

    I recently inherited my fathers gun collection and in it there is, what my research shows, a Mauser 1934 pocket pistol.

    It has the Eagle over M - so it is Kriegsmarine.

    Serial numbers match in all places, but no marking on clips.

    From what I can tell there are only two proofs that sit behind the rear sight. Crown and Eagle.

    This gun has neither, the only place I could find a picture of this marking was on a Luger P08 site.

    The marking is #42

    This has got me stumped, which is why I'm turning to the experts. Sorry I don't have a digital camera, serial number is 565XXX. By the way why is it that people x out the serial numbers on these posts?

    Thanks for the backup guys.


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    Mark – First this post should be in Axis pistols 1933 – 1945 German: German Mfg. (non-P08) Pistols & Holsters. Because a 1934 Mauser is .32 not.25 (6.35) caliber. You are lucky to have a Kreigsmarine marked variation. The 2 proofs are the Crown/U and the Eagle/N. The marking you describe as #42 on the Gunsworld link is a Crown/U sometimes called a double Crown/U. It means your example was made before 1940 when the German proof was changed to the Eagle/N. Regards,
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    People x out the serial numbers at times due to privacy concerns and sometimes required by law ( Canada).

    Does your KM Mauser have any markings on the front grip, could be an O or N followed by a few numbers.

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