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Thread: Ortgies 6.35mm serial number list

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    Default Ortgies 6.35mm serial number list


    Following is a list of serial numbers (and features) of Ortgies 6.35mm pistols I have observed and which have been reported to me. Please report other examples if you are able to positively confirm the serial number (even the first few digits), and also provide as much information as possible about presence or absence of "Germany" marking, the pistol's finish, slide legend, grip material and grip medallions.

    Please note: I am currently only compiling information about the 6.35mm/.25acp Ortgies pistols, not the 7.65mm/.32acp and .380 pistols! See title!


    Grip material is wood unless otherwise noted.

    The “Germany” note means that this marking occurs in the normal location over the serial number. Any other location will be noted. The confirmed absence of a “Germany” marking will be noted by the phrase ‘NOT marked “Germany”’. If no mention is made either way, there is not enough information to tell.

    The notes “3-line”, “2-line” and “1-line” refer to the slide legend. Additionally, “2-line” refers to the commonly encountered “Deutsche Werke Aktiengesellschaft…” slide legend. The “Ortgies Patent/D.W.A.E.” legend is also 2 lines, but given its rarity and to avoid confusion, this legend is specifically identified for the few pistols on which it has been recorded.

    A word about nickel finishes:

    Nickel finishes, either matte or bright, appear to be factory original unless noted otherwise in the description.

    It should be assumed that pistols with a matte nickel finish have strawed triggers and safety buttons, as no exceptions have been observed save for one factory engraved model (No. 65433). However, bright nickel pistols will have the finish of the trigger and safety button specified (more below).

    Although it is true that guns finished in bright nickel are usually encountered with fire blued triggers and safety buttons, sufficient numbers of bright nickel plated pistols have been noted with nickeled triggers and safety buttons - including a couple pistols for which the serial numbers are not available - to cast doubt on the prevailing belief that all factory bright nickel Ortgies 6.35mm pistols had fire blued small parts. I believe this is an assumption based on insufficient data. That doesn’t mean it might not turn out to be true, but as of now I have not seen any justification for it. Like everyone, I’m aware of the existence of refinished/re-nickeled guns and I proceed with caution when encountering any nickel gun. The bright nickel pistols I reference above (with nickel-plated small parts) have finishes that compare favorably with the best of their fire blue counterparts and, were it not for the fire blue “litmus test”, I think they would be considered factory original by even the most suspicious of collectors.

    In my opinion, the finish on the triggers and safety buttons of bright nickeled pistols should not be the determining factor when considering the question of factory originality, at least until many more examples have surfaced.

    17x, blue, “Germany” 3-line, “HO” grips
    198, blue, “Germany”, 3-line, “HO” grips
    282, blue, 3-line, “HO” grips
    591, blue, NOT marked "Germany", 3-line, "HO" grips, Austrian proofed 5771.21
    714, blue, “Germany”, 3-line, “HO” grips
    725, blue, 3-line, “HO” grips, Austrian proofed x7x7.21
    754, 3-line
    765, blue, “Germany”, 3-line, “HO” grips
    1356, blue, NOT marked “Germany”, 3-line, “HO” grips
    6755, blue, NOT marked “Germany”, 2-line, “HO” grips, with holster
    9067, blue, 2-line, “HO” grips, Czech proofed rampant lion/22
    9091, blue, NOT marked “Germany”, 3-line, grips appear either ivory or plastic with no medallions
    10726, blue, 2-line, “HO” grips
    11933 (Koelliker's article - no info about legend, but context suggests 2-line), slide proof located on lower right rear corner behind serrations

    12868, blue, 2-line, “HO” grips
    13515, blue, 2-line, “HO” grips
    15115, blue, NOT marked "Germany", 2-line, "HO" grips
    16413, blue, "Germany" 2-line, "HO" grips

    17577, blue, 2-line, in box
    17991, blue, “Germany”, “HO” grips
    18743, blue, “Germany”, 2-line, “HO” grips
    21072, blue, “Germany” 2-line, “HO” grips
    21075, 2-line, “HO” grips, lowercase “a” under the serial number
    21330, “Germany”, 1-line
    23486, 2-line
    24347, blue, NOT marked "Germany", 1-line, "D" grips, with holster (bringback)

    24408, blue, 2-line, “HO” grips
    25192, blue, NOT marked “Germany”, 2-line, “HO” grips
    26782, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    29011, blue, "Germany", 1-line, "D" grips, small letter "a" under serial number

    31911, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    31996, blue, 1-line, "D" grips

    36733, nickel (with nickel trigger and button) – can’t tell bright or matte due to lighting, NOT marked “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    38598, bright nickel (with fire blue trigger and button), NOT marked “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    38857, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    40758, blue, "Germany" stamped into both grips, 1-line, "D" grips
    41728, blue, 1-line, “D” grips
    44884, blue, "Germany", 1-line, "D" grips

    4574x, matte nickel, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    46146, matte nickel, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    46527, bright nickel (with fire blue trigger, can’t see button), “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    46531, bright nickel

    48023, matte nickel, 2-line, “Germany”
    48032, matte nickel, 2-line, in box
    48550, matte nickel, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips, in box
    48959, matte nickel, “Germany”, 2-line, “D” grips
    48975, bright nickel (with fire blue trigger and button), “Germany”, 2-line, “D” grips
    50424, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    53532, blue, 1-line, "D" grips

    54208, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    54251, blue, "Germany", "Ortgies Patent/D.W.A.E." slide legend, "D" grips

    54314, “Germany”, “Ortgies Patent/D.W.A.E.” slide legend
    56562, "Germany", "D" grips, with holster

    56954, “Ortgies Patent/D.W.A.E.” slide legend
    56957, “Ortgies Patent/D.W.A.E.” slide legend
    58096, blue, "Germany", "Ortgies Patent/D.W.A.E." slide legend, "D" grips

    59050, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    59557, blue, "Germany", 1-line, "D" grips

    59788, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    59988, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    60050, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    60465, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips, in box with manual
    61466, blue, "Germany", 1-line, "D" grips

    62071, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    64061, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    65433, matte nickel, NOT marked “Germany”, 1-line, full coverage deep etching in vine and leaf motif with gold plated trigger, extractor, safety button and magazine catch. Has ivory grips with “D” logos. Appears to be a factory original “deluxe” model. Accompanied by a suede purse holster (no maker markings).
    65781, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    65925, blue, "Germany", 1-line, "D" grips
    66120, blue, "Germany", 1-line, "D" grips
    66158, matte nickel, NOT marked Germany, 1 line, "D" grips
    69696, blue, Germany, 1 line, D grips
    69996, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    70476, blue with fire blued trigger, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    73054, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    73083, blue, "Germany", 1-line, "D" grips
    73868, blue, "Germany", 1-line, "D" grips, with holster and spare magazine

    75350, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    75550, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    76308, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    76562, blue, 1-line, "D" grips

    77329, blue with light scroll engraving (originality uncertain), “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    78495, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips, left grip medallion is crooked
    80291, blue, "Germany", 1-line, "D" grips
    82920, blue, "Germany", 1-line, "D" grips

    86566, blue, 1-line, in box
    92122, blue, 1-line, “D” grips, in box with cleaning rod
    95686, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    97218, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    97436, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    100140, blue, "Germany", 1-line, "D" grips
    108001, blue, "Germany" 1-line, "D" grips

    109852, blue, 1-line, “D” grips
    111878, blue, 1-line, “D” grips
    111927, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    111986, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    115997, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    116383, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    118196, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    119609, bright nickel (with nickel trigger and button), 1-line “D” grips
    120389, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    126883, blue, "Germany", 1-line, "D" grips, with original box, cleaning rod and manual

    129328, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    131930, bright nickel (with fire blue trigger and button), 1-line, “D” grips
    1346xx, blue, 1-line, in box
    1359xx, matte nickel, 1-line
    137154, blue, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    139168, bright nickel (with nickel trigger and button), “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    142153, 1-line, "D" grips

    144593, blue, 1-line, “D” grips
    154407, blue, "Germany", 1-line, "D" grips, acquired from daughter of German American Bund member
    156967, chrome finish (including trigger), "Germany", 1-line, "D" grips, repro mag
    159336, nickel (including trigger and safety button), "Germany", 1-line, "D" grips

    159366, blue, 1-line, “D” grips
    159393, blue, "Germany", 1-line, "D" grips

    159699, blue, 1-line, “D” grips, in box with manual
    161247, blue, 1-line, “D” grips
    163210, blue, 1-line, “D” grips, with holster
    176700, blue, 1-line address
    180684, bright nickel (with nickel trigger and button), “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    180699, bright nickel

    181309, bright nickel (with fire blue trigger and button), “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    181774, bright nickel, 1-line
    181825, bright nickel (with fire blue trigger and button), “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
    181989, bright nickel (reported with fire blue trigger, button assumed also)
    182625, matte nickel

    182657, matte nickel, “Germany”, 1-line, “D” grips
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    I have an Ortigies. I am curious of your interest in this brand.

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    79361, blue, "Germany", 2-line, "D" grips

    The 2 lines are:

    deutche werke aktiengesellschaft * werk erfurt

    ortgies* patent

    There are also at least 2 other stamps

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    I would be willing to trade for something. Are you interested?

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    Robert, thanks for reporting your Ortgies serial number, I appreciate the contribution. I do not mean to doubt you, but are you absolutely, 100% certain that the serial number is 79361? No chance that the first digit is a "1" and not a "7"?

    The reason I am double checking is that I have never heard of a 2-line with anywhere near this high of a serial number. Don't get me wrong, I am always open to new information, especially regarding unusual examples that re-define the serial number limits of different variations, or which might indicate so-called "clean-up" pistols that makers sometimes produced to use up old parts/inventory. The discovery of such pistols can be very exciting. However, I have to be extra careful in such instances so as to avoid posting wrong information.

    Another thing: have you ever disassembled your Ortgies, and have you checked to make sure the serial number stamped inside the slide matches the one on the frame?

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    Question: Do you plan listing 7,65/9mm Ortgies later? --- / Bruno
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    I am absolutely positive that the serial number is 79631.It is stamped on the frame, on the barrel, and on the inside of the slide. also stamps are extremely clear. I have had possession of this pistol since about 1950.

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    Thanks Robert - I will update the list with the new serial number. Also, when you get a chance could you just clarify whether it's 79361 or 79631 (I think you transposed the last two digits between posts 3 and 7). For the moment I'm putting down 79631, please be sure to correct me if that's wrong.

    I appreciate your willingness to share information, thank you again! If you ever get the opportunity to share a photo of this unusual Ortgies, please do. It is by far the highest numbered 2-line I have ever seen or heard of.

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    I am so sorry. The number is 79361.
    I sure did transpose the number. What can you expect from a 74 year old? LOL

    I am still curious about your project, would you keep me informed on your progress, I would appreciate it.

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    I think the problem may be that this is a .32cal. and not a .25cal., or are my eyes that bad?
    Tim H.
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