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Thread: CZ24 CZ27 How do you tell the difference between the magazines?

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    Default CZ24 CZ27 How do you tell the difference between the magazines?

    Asking because SA marked CZ27 magazines are noted but I can't find a CZ27 SA marked pistol. Are the mags usable in either pistol?

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    To answer your question....cz27/24 mags fit in either pistol however.....there are important difference that separate the two...First a cz24 is 380...cz27 is a 32 acp...therefore mags are not interchangeable on a functional level! The major visual difference for the two is the rounded slide for a cz 24 unlike the flat slide of a cz27.....Many people differentiate the two by slide serrations.... A majority of cz24 slides have slanted serrations (Pre-war)....cz27s in the serial range below 20450 are also slanted...however CZ 24 without sn have vertical serrations! So base your identification on the flat/rounded slides....Hope this helps on your search of SA marked mags!

    ....I have not heard of a cz27 that is SA marked..but I am not an expert either lol!

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    .380ACP & .32ACP fit and funtion the same in a CZ 27 & CZ24.


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