Is anyone well versed on the Yugoslavian holsters used with the FN1922. I have 2 holsters made for this pistol which seem to be different sizes. The smaller one is 7 3/4 X 5 while the larger one is 8 X 5 1/2". The smaller one appears to be thinner leather than the larger one. Both are the same style except someone cut off the closure strap on the larger holster and installed 2 rivets (you can still see the thread holes where the old strap was.

A picture of this holster is in Vanderlinden book Holsters and Shoulder-Stocks of the World, page 73. This calls the material deerskin used by officers & thats what the small holster could be made out of. The book also states that the standard holster was made out of stiff brown leather, (enlisted personnel) which would be the larger one.

Wish I had some pictures so you can see the different side by side. Maybe tomorrow.