Yes, I know this may be a spurious piece of pot metal. I'm not planning to shoot it much. I would like to have a set of directions, cleaning instructions, etc. I have been through the Stoeger/Erma .22 posting here that I could find. Sorry, I am not able to do photos at this time. A description of this pistol is below:

Stoeger Luger .22 cal. - Steel barrel (at least enough to attract a magnet) 4.5" from chamber, 3.25" to muzzle from end of receiver. Toggle and parts of receiver are steel, much of it stampings. The receiver/frame are non-magnetic. Overall length is 8.75". Plain wood grips.
On right side - receiver near chamber: Cal. 22 LR
receiver side: 920xx (serial)
Manufactured in the U.S.A. by
On left side - LUGER (in an elegant frame)
Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.

The bore is bright and the rifling seems sharp. I have not fired it, but all of the parts seem to work. The barrel may be blued, but the top of the toggle is bright, and most of the pistol has a dull black coating over a silvery metal. There is a little wear around the sharp edges, but the pistol does not seem heavily used.