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Thread: K Date on Gun Broker

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    Default K Date on Gun Broker

    Mauser S/42 K date on Gun Broker !! ???
    Ron Heming NRA Life Member

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    Do not care for the photos...some not focused and/or too dark to verify certain proofs...

    I do like what I can see so far, though a little leery of the sideplate numeral font sizes...should be no numeral strikes on the inside of the sideplate...

    I also do not care for the right side photos of the pistol...too vague...would definitely need to have this pistol in an "in-hand" inspection...especially to see the internals and the inside of the grip panels...has the newly manufactured Mauser frame w/the 2mm "hump"...bluing appears to be original...what this pistol really needs are many more than 9 vague photos for inspection, including the breakdown of the, firing pin, main axle pin...etc. ..."K"- dates require a full breakdown/takedown of the entire gun, for a proper inspection...

    But there seems to be a "no refund", "no exchange", no inspection period...

    On the fence about this one...again, what I can see and make out looks correct...problem is, there is MUCH more to inspect...and if not alotted time to do this, I would have to pass on this 3rd. sub-variation example...


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