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Thread: 1940 l block with prefix?

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    Default 1940 l block with prefix?

    I might be interested in getting this P08, the only thing that makes me unsure is the large number 3 stamped in front of the serial number on the side. Does anyone know the meaning of this and if this and when it was marked? Any thoughts on the pistol in general would be greatly appreciated. It's matching apart from the magazine.
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    I don't know what the number three is, other than it was added by someone after the pistol left the factory. Normally such marks decrease value. For my collecting tastes, a pistol can have a flaw or even several and still be considered a collectible Luger. It depends on the pistol and the flaw(s). Due to the finish loss and marking I would consider this a mid to lower end collectible. I own similar grade pistols and greatly enjoy them. From what I can see in the photos it looks like fairly worn but original finish. Personally I like pistols with wear. However I find it hard to judge finish from photos, especially on salt-blued Maulers like this one.

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    Why or when the number 3 was added is impossible to tell. Possibly an inventory number but that's a swag.
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