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Thread: How to ID your Luger

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    Default How to ID your Luger

    Here are many things we look for to ID your Luger - see the pictures and then description

    What did it come in?
    Anything interesting extra?
    1. Take a picture of full left - it will explain to us very quickly what we see


    2. Full right - not only does it show us, but we can see any proofs or other markings

    3. Shot from above - this quickly shows us - YEAR - Who MADE - and we can see if a Police (sear safety)

    4. Front of frame show us the serial number and any suffix - which pieced together from above helps tremendously

    5. close up of left - shows serial number no suffix - then also shows us if military marked (not hidden)
    Also, if a commercial or early gun, it might show a crown N on the left


    6. Front of grip strap - this shows us if unit marked - however.... see last

    7. Magazines - do they match? if not, we can at least tell you what they are - these two are one WW1 wood and a later Weimar or WW2 aluminum bottom - both match and show they are police numbered

    8. Close up of the right will show any markings, acceptance and proofs

    9. Date stamp will show us if actual date or a 1920 governmental stamp (this 1920 is a govt stamp)

    10. Rear of toggle is a place you also see for Unit markings

    11. Here is an unusual spot for a unit marking, this one is police. Be advised that on rare occasions you will find one on the rear strap or the back of the toggle area. Also, Navy guns may be marked on the rear gripstrap

    You may also find our full FAQ document useful. It's at:

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