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Thread: Clement 1903 serial number list

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    Just I posted here, because it is beautiful.
    Serial number 5533 ....



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    I was looking for info on the Clement Pistol when I cam across this thread. I bought this pistol about 40 years ago. It was sold to me as a .25 ACP. There was very little information available at that time. This pistol is in .25 ACP, even though the serial number is earlier that the ones indicated in the table. The pistol appears to be all blued, very crude replacement grips, although the one on the right side is much better made than the one shown, and a .25 ACP magazine that's not original, but actually fits and functions. I know this because back when I was young and foolish, I put a few rounds of .25 ACP though it. I stopped when I noticed it was flinging the empties about 30 feet away. The serial number is 6272, and I suppose a 9 could have been inverted, but three times? The third picture shows a .25 ACP round in the muzzle. I was able to pull a bullet and it will enter the barrel about half way. I have a set of reproduction grips ordered, but I doubt I will ever find an original mag for it. Any comments welcomed. I don't know why the last picture is sideways. I edited it, and it still comes up that way.

    Clement 1.jpgClement 2.jpgClement 3.jpgClement4.jpg
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